OPAWZ Paint Pen is a quick and easy temporary safe creative grooming product designed to help you quickly change pet's coat into a stylish look.

This product is ideal for both long and short pet coat (can be used for dogs, cats, and even small pets such as rabbits), easily apply it just like when you using a pen to draw on the paper. The color can be lasted for around 1-2 weeks and can be quickly and removed by 1-2 washing with shampoo.

Check How To Use OPAWZ Paint Pen to find more product's description and instruction.

OPAWZ Paint Pen has 10 colors in total: Orange, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Brown, White, and Black. And it can be directly applied onto the white, light gray and light brown dog hair to achieve the perfect result.

Linda Jomphe, a professional creative groomer in Quebec, Canada, has demonstrated us the ten colors real look on dog's hair, which can be referred as a "color chart" for OPAWZ Paint Pen!


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