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Listen to groomers and work with groomers!

OPAWZ strives to provide the best in professional creative grooming products.

Our lineup includes Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Temporary products, designed specifically to be safe for use on pets.

We have worked with pet grooming schools and pet salons for over 8 years to continuously develop and grow our product range to best serve groomers' and pet owners' needs, inspire their creativity, and above all else, the comfort and safety of the pets.

OPAWZ has been featured on TV shows and used in grooming competitions around the world as well as being the creative grooming brand of choice of many acclaimed grooming schools and pet salons.

The OPAWZ Product Line

There are now so many innovative and unique pet grooming products on the market designed to pamper pets in grand style, from shampoos to facials, that it's mind-boggling. But have you ever come across a grooming product line being so productive in colors such as OPAWZ grooming line?

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