OPAWZ Dog Shampoo & Conditioner Value Pack (VP12)

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This value pack includes 7 OPAWZ Pet Shampoos and Conditioners in 500ml size:

01 Deep Cleanse Shampoo 
02 Aroma Shampoo
03 Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo
04 Density Shampoo
05 Whitening Shampoo
11 Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner
12 Hydrating Smooth Conditioner

OPAWZ 01 Deep Cleanse Shampoo

Remove build-up and residue from the dirtiest pets with odor control.

Silicone-oil-free formula removes any build-up and residue from the dirtiest pets and helps detangle the coat. Enriched with supply and nutritional conditioner as well as the moisturizing factor to keep coat elastic and stout and give the coat a strong fleecy feel. Herbaceous essential oil keeps pets smell good for a longer time.

Best to use with OPAWZ Pet Bathing System to prolong the machine's life. 

OPAWZ 02 Aroma Shampoo

Long-lasting floral scents help reduce stress and relax pets!

Suitable for all hair types and breeds. Infused with natural mineral molecules that permeate deep into the follicle to eliminate unpleasant odors. Long-lasting mixed floral scents help the pet relax and reduce stress. Silicone oil-free hair conditioners nourishes the hair and imparts a lustrous sheen.

OPAWZ 03 Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo

Powerful absorption property purifies pet skin and hairs!

Contains activated bamboo carbon that helps control allergens, bacteria and viruses to promote a healthy growing environment for skin and hair. Gentle, non-irritating formula is especially suitable for pets with sensitive skin or other skin conditions. Utilizes bamboo charcoal particles to absorb stubborn dirt and oil from hair follicles, helping cut down on odor, itchiness and bacteria to soothe and improve the health of the skin. Great to use prior to applying skin medications.

OPAWZ 04 Density Shampoo

Leaves pet's fur fluffier than ever!

Uniquely designed amino acid formula both deep cleans and nourishes the pet hair, increasing the elasticity and leaving it soft and fluffy, feeling fuller and healthier. Great for use prior to trimming the hair to take the grooming work to the next level.

OPAWZ 05 Whitening Shampoo

Helps remove yellow stains, enhance and maintain natural white color!

Bleach-free and fluorescent-free. The mild purple pigment effectively neutralizes and removes yellow stains on the hair. Best suited for white-haired pets. Gentle formula cleans the hair deeply and removes yellow stains, helping to enhance the natural color of white hair. Hair conditioners leave a lustrous sheen. Suitable for continuous use to maintain white hair.

OPAWZ 11 Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner

Ultra-moisturizing formula keeps the pet’s hair smooth and nourished!

Infused with fatty acids and vitamins, OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner can easily be absorbed, keeping pet’s hair and skin healthy and nourished. Ultra-moisturizing formula helps soften, condition, and detangle pet’s hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and manageable. Helps prevent pets’ hair from breakage and static. Imparts a refreshing scent to keep the hair smelling great.

OPAWZ 12 Hydrating Smooth Conditioner

Infused with luxurious ingredients to nourish and boost smooth and shine!

Hydrating conditioner for long hair or silky hair pets for an effortless smooth and shiny finish. Infused with luxurious ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Keratin, nourishing dry skin and damaged hair for a healthy boost. Cuts down on frizz and reduces static for a luscious and grease-free result after use.