Product FAQ

Any tips to help the color fade faster?
  • - Use the OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo. Please note that you do not need any treatments after washing.
  • - Use brightening/whitening shampoo mixed with baking soda to make a paste. Apply it into the coat and let sit for 10 minutes. Then use a good amount of conditioner afterwards.
  • - Dye over the old color with a complementary color.
Are your color products cruelty free and vegan?
  • Yes. All the ingredients we use in our products are vegan, and contain no animal-related materials.

Are your products FDA approved?
  • All OPAWZ materials are FDA approved for using on cosmetic and food products, as some of our ingredients are food grade as well.
Which creative grooming products are recommended to use on cats?
  • The best creative products for cats are OPAWZ Color Shampoo and Semi-Permanent Pet color. These two products have very gentle formulas and are safe to use on cats. You don’t need to worry about cat licking the products after washing.
How to avoid colors mixing together?
  • 1. Apply on dry coat.
  • 2. Use isolation cream on the areas where you don't want the dye to go.
  • 3. Rinse the undyed areas before rinsing the dyed areas.
Why does the color (permanent dye, semi-permanent dye, color shampoo) not adhere nicely on the ears and tail versus the rest of the body?
  • Fur on the ears and tail is especially oily, and some of the hairs' textures are different from other parts of the dog. It might yield a slightly different color result compared to the rest of the body. We recommend using the deep cleanser shampoo before applying the color for optimal results.
Why did the color not turn out like on the label?
  • The color on the label reflects the end result color on white fur. If your dog is a different color i.e. cream, apricot, the color result will be slightly different.

    Opawz Semi-Permanent Dye (Kelly Green) on a creamy colored dog
Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide on dogs?
  • Some people say that products that contain peroxide is not safe to use on dogs. On the contrary, oxidants can be used for wound disinfection, and for inducing vomiting in some cases. With precautions taken, it is absolutely safe to use on dogs and horses for lightening. You can read more about it here:
Can I remove permanent colors with Lightening Cream?
  • Innocent Blue and Charm Pink almost can be completely removed by Lightening Cream and Developer when left in for around 40 minutes. Other colors are not as easily removed, especially the shades of red.
How can I use the Lightening Cream & Developer?
  • - Mix the Lightening Cream and Developer at a ratio of 1:2.
  • - Wear protective gloves first, then use a brush to apply the mixed cream evenly over the areas where the pet needs to be lightened.
  • - Use your hands to rub the hair continuously, let the mixed cream contact with hair and penetrate into the hair adequately.
  • If you need to dye the dog or horse after lightening, leave it on the hair for 40 minutes.
  • For lightening urine stains, leave it in for 10-15 minutes. If you are not satisfied with the lightened result, you may lighten again. The second lightening time can be determined by the dog’s condition.
  • After the lightening process, use clean water to wash off all the residue. Use OPAWZ Deep Cleaning Shampoo to clean the lightened area, lathering thoroughly for 5 minutes. Lastly, use the blow dryer to dry the hair.
Why I can’t get a bright color after using Lightening Cream and Developer?
  • Some groomers said the color does not adhere after using lightening cream. The reason is because a large amount of grease is used in our lightening cream formula to protect the hair and skin and minimize the damage. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention when cleaning. It may take several times to clean thoroughly, especially if the amount of application is relatively large.
  • We recommend using an undiluted shampoo that does not contain any hair care ingredients to clean until you feel like the hair of each part is unsmooth so that means the hair is cleaned well.
  • It is best to apply hair dye after 1 or 2 weeks, and the dog can rest while ensuring that the hair no longer has residual oil.
What is the right way to apply color on after Lightening Cream?
  • It is best to apply hair dye after 1 or 2 weeks, and the dog can rest while ensuring that the hair no longer has residual oil.
  • Also, you may use the OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo and OPAWZ C1-Degreasing Cream to clean the residual oil.
How do I use the Lightening Cream and Developer safely?
  • Avoid direct contact with the skin. Leave the mixture 0.5cm away from the skin and use a small brush to apply in a thin layer. Don’t like the dog lick the product. Some dogs have vomited after licking because the product contains peroxide/oxidant, which vets also use to induce vomiting.
I left the mixture sit for a while after mixing the Lightening Cream and Developer together before using, why did the result not turn out good?
  • The chemical reaction starts immediately after mixing the Lightening Cream and Developer together. The general reaction time is around 1 hour, so the mixture needs to be used as soon as possible. We recommend leaving it on the hair for around 40 minutes immediately after mixing, it will not work for much longer after that.
Can the Lightening Cream lighten the hair to white?
  • The process of lightening is to change the hair from dark color to beige. Whether your dog is black, brown, dark grey or coffee colors, all colors dogs are the same. The lightest color of Lightening Cream can lighten to is only beige.
What if I want to dye a lighter color?
  • If you want to dye a lighter color, you need to lighten the hair to a very light beige first, then apply the dye on.
How can I lighten the hair to a very light color?
  • If the dog’s hair is dark and wiry, we recommend lightening a second time while the color is still dark. Alternatively, use the Lightening Cream and Developer mixture on the coat and leave in for 30 minutes, wipe the mixture off with a comb or paper towel, and re-apply a new mixture in the same areas without washing. Leave in for another 30 to 40 minutes, rinse thoroughly and use deep cleaning shampoo.
Can the Lightening Cream can be used for cats?
  • Cats have more allergic reactions than dogs and horses because their internal systems are different. A lot of groomers are new to creative coloring and we are concerned that they are unable to determine whether the cat will have allergic reactions to the products or not, so we do not recommend it for cats.
How long does the Permanent Dye last?
  • Half a year. We recommend using Semi-Permanent Dyes which can last around 10 washes if you want the color to fade faster. Specific colors like Hot Red, Mystic Purple, and Adorable Pink may last longer.
What is the correct procedure to color a dog?
  • - Apply the dye directly onto the pet’s dry coat. If the pet’s coat is dirty and oily, shampoo and blow dry first.
  • - Shake well before opening the dye.
  • - Apply dye evenly on the desired coat area and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and dry after.
What should I do if the pet licks the grooming products?
  • We recommend using a muzzle when coloring to prevent pets from licking. Groomers have informed us that nothing happens after licking the dyes, but we recommend going to the vet immediately if there is any allergic reaction.
How often can I dye a dog?
  • OPAWZ Permanent Dyes can last at least half a year, so we recommend dyeing 2-3 times a year to keep the color. However, there are no specific time interval requirements for dyeing a dog.
How old does the dog have to be to be colored?
  • We recommend the dog to be at least 6 months old before coloring.
How many dyes should I use for my dog?
  • OPAWZ Permanent Dyes have a thinner consistency than other dyes, so you can use lesser amount. Different weights, lengths, and densities of coat also require different amounts of dye.
  • For example: to color a toy poodle with 3cm long medium density fur from head to toe will require around 100g of dye, or about 70% of the bottle. A standard poodle has more fur in comparison, with also 3cm fur will require around 8 tubes of permanent dyes on dry coat.
Why I can’t get good brown and blue black color result on my pet’s coat?
  • Brown and black dyes use a different kind of pigment, so it might not have good results on certain types of furs such as damaged fur, oily fur (especially on ears and tail). We recommend shaking well before opening the tube, leaving the dye in for around 40 minutes, or recolor after one week.
Are the Permanent Colors safe for cats?
  • Cats have more allergic reactions than dogs and horses because their organs are different. A lot of groomers are new to creative coloring and we are concerned that they are unable to determine whether the cat will have allergic reactions to the products or not, so we do not recommend it for cats.
  • However, the OPAWZ Semi-Permanent dyes and Temporary Dyes have more gentle formulations and are safe to use on cats.
Why does the color fade faster on the tail?
  • - There are a lot of grease on the hair, so the color cannot adhere well.
  • - The tail always touches a lot of places, so the hair on the tail is more easily damaged. The damaged hair is hard to color, and after coloring, it will be very easy to fade.
  • - The coloring time is not enough. We recommend to let the color stay for 15-20 minutes with normal hair. For damaged and wiry hair, we recommend use for longer time around 30 minutes.
Will I damage the hair if I leave the dyes in for longer than 20 minutes?
  • No. The color will turn out the same if left longer than 20 minutes, sometime it will turn out much darker. However, we still recommend to use around 15-20 minutes to let the dog rest well.
If I mix dye with Dilution Cream and create a new color, can I save this mix?
  • Yes, just make sure to seal it in an airtight container to keep the mixture. Be sure to use it within 2 to 3 months, otherwise the color result will become lighter and will fade faster.
When I use the Dilution Cream, do I need to wash it?
  • Dilution Cream cannot be used individually; it needs to be mixed together with a Permanent Dye. It needs to be washed as well after being left in for an adequate amount of time.
Can I dye tan, grey or apricot coat?
  • Yes. OPAWZ Permanent Dye has excellent coverage, so it can be used on darker hair directly. However, the lighter colors such as tender green, charm pink, and yellow will not show up as well on these coat colors as they would on white hair. If the hair is dark to black, we recommend to use OPAWZ Lightening Cream & Developer to lighten the hair prior to using the dye.
Do I need to use gloves while coloring?
  • Yes, gloves will help protect your hands from getting stained during coloring.
How do I remove the color stain on my hands?
  • OPAWZ Permanent and Semi-permanent Dye can be removed by soap in a few washes. However, we highly recommend wearing gloves during coloring to avoid getting color on your hands in the first place.
Is there a special way to use the dilution cream? I used a tiny bit of color with a lot of dilution cream but it came out the color of the original dye.
  • OPAWZ Permanent Dyes have strong pigments, so you need to use a large amount of dilution cream versus dye. You can pour the dilution cream in a tint bowl first and add in drops of dye and mix. Test the new color on a sheet of paper towel and keep adjusting until the color is satisfactory.
Can the Permanent Dilution Cream can be used on Semi-Permanent Dye?
  • You can, but if you mix the Permanent Dilution Cream with Semi-Permanent Dye, the dye will last longer. We will recommend you use Semi-Permanent Dilution Cream with the Semi-Permanent Dye.
What are the ingredients of the Permanent Dye?
  • Aqua, Glycerin, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polyquaternium-10, CI 42090, CI 15985, CI 19140, CI 16035.
Which areas should I avoid with the OPAWZ Permanent Dye?
  • Generally, we don’t recommend to use any colors around the eyes and mouth.
Do I need to wait to use after mixing cream of Super Black turn to black?
  • No. Once you mix No. 1 and No. 2 well, you can apply to the hair directly. The mixture is best applied immediately, as it will lose effectiveness in around 1 hour.
Can I use the Super Black on a short hair/wire-hair dog?
  • Yes. The Super Black provides a very good true black color result on any kind of coat. Use it as you would with any other permanent dye.
How can I maintain my dog’s hair after using Permanent Dye?
  • You can use the OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner, LPP and PPT after coloring. They are very great products for dry and damaged hair, restore back to a healthy coat.
Why does the color not adhere nicely on the ears and tail versus the rest of the body?
  • Fur on the ears and tail is especially oily, and some of the hairs' textures are different from other parts of the dog. It might yield a slightly different color result compared to the rest of the body. We recommend using the deep cleanser shampoo before applying the color for optimal results.
How long does the Semi-Permanent Dye last?
  • The Semi-Permanent Dye can last more than 8-10 washes for normal hair, and then the colors will fade to a paler color later on. The Dahlia Purple and Shocking Pink may last longer.
Is the Semi-Permanent Dye safe for cats?
  • Yes, the semi-permanent dye has a much gentler formula, and it is safe for small breeds such as cats, birds and rabbits.
Can the Semi-Permanent Dye be used hair colors other than white?
  • The Semi-Permanent Colors works best on white hair. It can work on light brown and light grey hair as well. However, the color will turn out darker compared to the color on white hair.
Why does the color not adhere nicely on the ears and tail versus the rest of the body?
  • Fur on the ears and tail is especially oily, and some of the hairs' textures are different from other parts of the dog. It might yield a slightly different color result compared to the rest of the body. We recommend using the deep cleanser shampoo before applying the color for optimal results.
How long does the chalk last?
  • It depends on the area you apply on. Normally, it can take 1 to 3 washes. However, it will only stay on for a few hours if you apply on areas where the chalk can be easily rubbed off.
How can I make the chalks last longer?
  • Before and after using chalk, use OPAWZ Grooming Spray on the area which you want to apply. It can help the color last longer.
  • Footnote: Don’t let chalk touch water or get rained on. Don’t apply color to areas where the dog can lick or scratch it off.
Can the Pet Hair Chalk be used for cats?
  • Pet Hair Chalk is safe for cats. However, we don’t recommend applying on areas where the cat can lick.
Can the Pet Hair Chalk can be used on black fur directly?
  • Yes, chalks have great coverage ability. It can be used on all hair colors, including black, brown, grey, white and so on. OPAWZ Glitter Gel has the same coverage ability like chalks.
Does the Pet Hair Chalk stain furniture and clothes?
  • Yes, most of temporary will stain on furniture and clothes, include chalks. However, OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo does not stain. Paint Pen, Color Paste, Blow Pen stain slightly.
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How long does it last?
  • Generally, the color will be washed off after 2-5 baths.
Will it stain on the tub?
  • No, it can be rinsed off easily.
Why did the color turn out so light? How can I get a more vibrant color?
  • - Use deep cleansing shampoo before using the Funky Color Shampoo, and avoid using conditioner or hair treatment before using Funky Color Shampoo.
  • - You can reuse the Funky Color Shampoo on next bath.
  • - Lather the hair for a longer time. Normally, you can let the color sit for 10 to 30 minutes, the longer the shampoo sits in the hair, the brighter the color result.

Does it work on short wiry coats?
  • Yes, just let it stay on and lather it for a longer time, around 20 to 30 minutes.
Why didn’t the color turn out good after using?
  • If the hair is greasy and dirty, the color result may not be good. If you have used conditioner or another treatment beforehand, it will be hard for the color to stay.
Is the Funky Color shampoo safe for other animals besides dogs?
  • Yes, the Funky Color Shampoo can be used on cats, or other small breeds too. However, it only works well on light hair type.
Does the shampoo need to be diluted?
  • No, just use it directly on clean, towel dried hair. The formula is as gentle as shampoo, so it doesn’t have as strong coverage as dyes. The end result will not be good if it is diluted with water.
Can I mix different color shampoos to get a new color?
    • Yes, you can do that.

      1:1 blue and green shampoo mixed
If the dog gets wet at home, will the color rub off on furniture?
  • No, the color will not rub off if the hair gets a bit wet. Some groomers have informed us that from their experience, the color shampoo will not stain.
Why does the color not adhere nicely on the ears and tail versus the rest of the body?
  • Fur on the ears and tail is especially oily, and some of the hairs' textures are different from other parts of the dog. It might yield a slightly different color result compared to the rest of the body. We recommend using the deep cleanser shampoo before applying the color for optimal results.
Can the Funky Color Shampoo be used with the bathing machine?
  • Yes, you can use the Funky Color Shampoo with a bathing machine to distribute the colors evenly. The following video uses 125mL of pink shampoo, 15 minutes of continuous washing.
What can I do if the Blow Pen becomes dry?
  • - Open the Blow Pen’s white back cover.
  • - Fill in the cover with clear water.
  • - Set the back cover into the Blow Pen, then shake the pen well.
  • Now you can use the Blow Pen as normal.
What is the difference between Airbrush and Blow Pens?
  • The lasting time is different. The design with Airbrush and Temp-ink can last around 1-3 washes. The Blow Pen can last around 2-5 weeks.
How much fur can 1 blow pen cover?
  • Normally, it can be used to cover the equivalent of 4 pair of normal toy poodle ears.
How long does the Blow Pen last?
  • Usually, the Blow Pen will last around 2-5 weeks. The Pink and Purple color may last around 1-2 months.
I think the brown ink is too dark, how do I make the it looks lighter?
  • You can add small amount of orange ink for a lighter brown.
How can I to make the color lighter?
  • You can add grooming spray into the ink, or keep the airbrush a little further away when spraying.
How do I take care the machine?
  • - Clean the machine with clear water every time after using.
  • - Charge the machine every 3 months when the machine is not in use.

How to assemble model dog

How to put on the wig on the model dog

Tips on styling model dog

Getting started with OPAWZ model dog head

What should I know before using the Pet Bathing System?
  • 1. Make sure the power grounding wire of the Bathing System is secure and not damaged. If it is in working order, the Leakage Protection Plug of the machine will work, which ensures the safety of people and pets.
  • 2. Ensure that the Foot Operated Pneumatic Switch and Leakage Protection Plug are kept away from water or getting splashed by water. You can hang it higher up, which helps prevent water and water vapor from entering the Leakage Protection Plug and avoids machine malfunction.
  • 3. Keep the Foot Operated Pneumatic Switch out of reach when not in use to prevent accidentally turning on the machine. This is to prevent leaving the Bathing System on idle, which can burn out the motors. The machine is relatively quiet when in use compared to other equipment such as blow dryers, so sometimes it will be difficult to hear when it is accidentally turned on.
  • 4. When using and moving the machine, please use the handle of the machine. Do not pull the power line, otherwise the cord will break more easily.
The machine cannot work after a while, and the re-set button is not working. What can I do?
    • It is most likely because water got inside the machine. We recommend placing the machine in a dry place for 4-7 days to let it fully dry out before turning the machine back on. When you use the Pet Bathing System, please ensure that the Foot Operating Pneumatic Switch and Leakage Protection Plug are kept away from water or getting splashed by water.

    Does the Pet Bathing System wash the pet well?

    • The shower head of Pet Bathing system is equivalent to the strength of 8kg of the human hand. It can maintain a consistent water pressure. The active agent within the shampoo will break down oil stains easily through the impact of the water on the pet. This washes the pet more thoroughly than manual washing and will yield much cleaner results.

    Does the circulation method mean using the dirty water continuously on the pet?

    • If the dog is very dirty and oily, please rinse with clean water first before using the bathing machine.

    Can I use the Pet Bathing System in a different bathtub?

    • Yes, any size bathtub is fine to use. If the pet is small, you can even use a baby bathtub, it will be easier and save more water.

    Is the Pet Bathing System Safe? Will it leak electricity?

    • No, the machine has a Leakage Protection Plug, the whole design is completely based on the EU and the US standard. It won’t leak electricity even you immerse the pump into water. However, please make sure the socket you are using is also a safe and reliable standard ground wire.

    Our salon is near the sea; what can we do if the water has sand inside?

    • The machine has two filters to protect the interior. The sponge filters hair, it can filter out 90% of the hair from outside. Under that is a layer of 40 mesh filter. The mesh is very narrow, which filters out smaller particulates. The mesh of the showerhead is 0.8mm, which is much larger than the mesh size of the bottom 40 mesh, so any particulates that filtered through will be easily rinsed out. If there are any residues, it can be easily cleaned out by disassembling the shower head.

    How do I disinfect the machine?

    • Pour in warm water in the tub, using as much as you would normally for washing a dog. The water temperature can be a little higher than wash for washing dogs, but please do not exceed 50°C. Add 10-20ml of medical equipment disinfectant, which can be phthaladehyde or glutaraldehyde disinfectant. Then open the Pet Bathing System. You can use the showerhead to rinse the whole tub. The whole process is recommended to be no less than 5 minutes. After that, you can turn off the machine and drain the dirty water out of the tub. Turn on the machine again and let the clean water inside and rinse again for 2 minutes. Repeat this process every time after washing pets with skin disease, and also after finishing each day’s work.

    Why does my machine have a lower water pressure compared to others?

    • There are 3 possible reasons:
    • 1. Check if the adjustment switch for the showerhead is fully open;
    • 2. Check if the bottom of the machine is too flat. Some groomers put the machine in the stainless steel or plastic bathtub directly, and the bottom of the tub is very thin. When the machine is turned on, the strong suction of the machine will deform the tub, which decreases the amount of water intake and lowers the pressure. We recommend putting a tile, a glass plate or another material that will not deform easily under the bathing machine instead.
    • 3. There is too little water in the tub. It needs at least 4-5cm of water inside.
    • 4. Remove the bottom plate of the bathing system and check if the rubber ring has shifted. If the rubber ring is too large, please cut off the extra part and place it back into the slot afterwards. When putting the bottom plate back, please make sure the plate is facing up. Lift the pump and fit the baseplate on. Finally, tighten all the fixing screws. If the screws are not tightened, the water pressure will increase when the machine is lifted, and decrease when the machine is put down.

    Are there any specific requirements for the shampoo?

    • Shampoos that contain silicone oil will cause grease deposits inside the machine. If it is not cleaned regularly, the silicone oil will accumulate into a thick layer on the impeller of the machine in 2-3 months. It will increase the load of the motor, deform the impeller and increase the noise, resulting in damage to the machine.
    • The OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo does not contain silicone oil. No residual grease will be produced on the machine, and you only need to do regular disinfection or cleaning.

    What is the weight of the Pet Bathing System?

    • The whole set (including switch) is 4.08kg without the carton.

    What is the difference better the submersible pump for gardens and the OPAWZ Pet Bathing System?

    • 1. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System is much safer. The machine has multiple leakage protection design. The fully waterproof mainframe can work under 10 meters of water. The rubber pneumatic switch and connecting pipe are all waterproof, and it can effectively avoid electric shocks caused by wet hands touching the power supply. The power supply is also a Leakage Protection Switch; the power will be turned off automatically if overcurrent happens. Many other pumps do not have so many user-friendly design features.
    • 2. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System uses the high-quality accessories for durability. For example, the pipes and showerhead are all produced in Europe. They will not crack or harden in cold season, and has a great durability. Water won’t leak from the pipe being bent.
    • 3. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System’s main engine power and accessories are precisely designed to ensure the water pressure is suitable for pet bathing. The adjustable showerhead can adjust the water pressure freely for cleaning the body and head. The pressure is just right to ensure a proper cleaning, but gentle enough to not scare pets. Other pumps’ pressure is can be harder to control.
    • 4. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System has a dual filter system to ensure pet hair does not clog the machine, helping protect the machine and extending the life of the machine. The first layer is a stainless steel metal mesh at the bottom of the machine, and the second layer is the external thick sponge filter. Other pumps cannot filter impurities.
    • 5. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System can save a lot of shampoo and water. It only needs 4-5cm high of water in the tub to operate properly. Other pumps need more shampoo and water, and the cost is much higher.