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How long does the chalk last?

It depends on the area you apply on. Normally, it can take 1 to 3 washes. However, it will only stay on for a few hours if you apply on areas where the chalk can be easily rubbed off.

How can I make the chalks last longer?

The Chalks will last longer for bright colors. Before and after using chalk, use OPAWZ Grooming Spray or hair spray on the area which you want to apply. It can help the color last longer.Footnote: Don’t let chalk touch water or get rained on. Don’t apply color to areas where the dog can lick or scratch it off.

Can the Pet Hair Chalk be used for cats?

Pet Hair Chalk is safe for cats. However, we don’t recommend applying on areas where the cat can lick.

Can the Pet Hair Chalk can be used on black fur directly?

Yes, chalks have great coverage ability. It can be used on all hair colors, including black, brown, grey, white and so on. OPAWZ Glitter Gel has the same coverage ability like chalks.

Does the Pet Hair Chalk stain furniture and clothes?

Yes, most of temporary will stain on furniture and clothes, include chalks. However, OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo does not stain. Paint Pen, Color Paste, Blow Pen stain slightly.

What can I do if the Blow Pen becomes dry?

- Open the Blow Pen’s white back cover.

- Fill in the cover with clear water.

- Set the back cover into the Blow Pen, then shake the pen well.Now you can use the Blow Pen as normal.

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What is the difference between Airbrush and Blow Pens?

The lasting time is different. The design with Airbrush and Temp-ink can last around 1-3 washes. The Blow Pen can last around 2-5 weeks.

How much fur can 1 blow pen cover?

Normally, it can be used to cover the equivalent of 4 pair of normal toy poodle ears.

How long does the Blow Pen last?

Usually, the Blow Pen will last around 2-5 weeks. The Pink and Purple color may last around 1-2 months.

How long do the paint pens last?

It will vary depending on the hair type and how much it is rubbed on other surfaces. On average it lasts 1-3 washes. You can use Grooming Spray for it to last longer.

Can the paint pens be used on dark or black hair?

Yes, however you should use the white paint pen as a base color before applying the other colors on top for a more vibrant color result.

Can the paint pens be used on cats, rabbits, and mice?

OPAWZ Pet Paint is safe for cats and small animals. However, we don’t recommend applying onto areas where the cat can lick.

Do the paint pens stain furniture and clothes?

Normally they will not, but however in instances where a large amount is applied, there is a possibility that it will show on white furniture or clothes if rubbed. You can use Grooming Spray to seal in the color and help it last longer.

I think the brown ink is too dark, how do I make the it looks lighter?

You can add small amount of orange ink for a lighter brown.

How can I to make the color lighter?

You can add grooming spray into the ink, or keep the airbrush a little further away when spraying.

How do I take care the machine?

- Clean the machine with clear water every time after using.

- Charge the machine every 3 months when the machine is not in use.

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Bathing System

1. Make sure the power grounding wire of the Bathing System is secure and not damaged. If it is in working order, the Leakage Protection Plug of the machine will work, which ensures the safety of people and pets.

2. Ensure that the Foot Operated Pneumatic Switch and Leakage Protection Plug are kept away from water or getting splashed by water. You can hang it higher up, which helps prevent water and water vapor from entering the Leakage Protection Plug and avoids machine malfunction.

3. Keep the Foot Operated Pneumatic Switch out of reach when not in use to prevent accidentally turning on the machine. This is to prevent leaving the Bathing System on idle, which can burn out the motors. The machine is relatively quiet when in use compared to other equipment such as blow dryers, so sometimes it will be difficult to hear when it is accidentally turned on.

4. When using and moving the machine, please use the handle of the machine. Do not pull the power line, otherwise the cord will break more easily.

The shower head of Pet Bathing system is equivalent to the strength of 8kg of the human hand. It can maintain a consistent water pressure. The active agent within the shampoo will break down oil stains easily through the impact of the water on the pet. This washes the pet more thoroughly than manual washing and will yield much cleaner results.

It works in the same way as a washingmachine or a dishwasher. The cleaning agent in your shampoo attracts the dirt - the dirt molecules attach to the cleaning agent molecules - and when you rinse the dog, the dirt goes down the drain together with the shampoo. If the dog is very dirty and oily, please rinse with clean water first before using the bathing machine. And you may also need to empty the bath and refill with clean water and shampoo, then give it a second wash.

No, the machine has a Leakage Protection Plug, the whole design is completely based on the EU and the US standard. It won’t leak electricity even you immerse the pump into water. However, please make sure the socket you are using is also a safe and reliable standard ground wire.

The whole set (including switch) is 4.08kg without the carton.

Yes, any size bathtub is fine to use. If the pet is small, you can even use a baby bathtub, it will be easier and save more water.

1. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System is much safer. The machine has multiple leakage protection design. The fully waterproof mainframe can work under 10 meters of water. The rubber pneumatic switch and connecting pipe are all waterproof, and it can effectively avoid electric shocks caused by wet hands touching the power supply. The power supply is also a Leakage Protection Switch; the power will be turned off automatically if overcurrent happens. Many other pumps do not have so many user-friendly design features.

2. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System uses the high-quality accessories for durability. For example, the pipes and showerhead are all produced in Europe. They will not crack or harden in cold season, and has a great durability. Water won’t leak from the pipe being bent.

3. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System’s main engine power and accessories are precisely designed to ensure the water pressure is suitable for pet bathing. The adjustable showerhead can adjust the water pressure freely for cleaning the body and head. The pressure is just right to ensure a proper cleaning, but gentle enough to not scare pets. Other pumps’ pressure is can be harder to control.

4. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System has a dual filter system to ensure pet hair does not clog the machine, helping protect the machine and extending the life of the machine. The first layer is a stainless steel metal mesh at the bottom of the machine, and the second layer is the external thick sponge filter. Other pumps cannot filter impurities.

5. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System can save a lot of shampoo and water. It only needs 4-5cm high of water in the tub to operate properly. Other pumps need more shampoo and water, and the cost is much higher.

Shampoos that contain silicone oil will cause grease deposits inside the machine. If it is not cleaned regularly, the silicone oil will accumulate into a thick layer on the impeller of the machine in 2-3 months. It will increase the load of the motor, deform the impeller and increase the noise, resulting in damage to the machine.The OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo does not contain silicone oil. No residual grease will be produced on the machine, and you only need to do regular disinfection or cleaning.

There are 4 possible reasons:

1. Check if the adjustment switch for the showerhead is fully open.

2. Check if the bottom of the machine is too flat. Some groomers put the machine in the stainless steel or plastic bathtub directly, and the bottom of the tub is very thin. When the machine is turned on, the strong suction of the machine will deform the tub, which decreases the amount of water intake and lowers the pressure. We recommend putting a tile, a glass plate or another material that will not deform easily under the bathing machine instead.

3. There is too little water in the tub. It needs at least 4-5cm of water inside.

4. Remove the bottom plate of the bathing system and check if the rubber ring has shifted. If the rubber ring is too large, please cut off the extra part and place it back into the slot afterwards. When putting the bottom plate back, please make sure the plate is facing up. Lift the pump and fit the baseplate on. Finally, tighten all the fixing screws. If the screws are not tightened, the water pressure will increase when the machine is lifted, and decrease when the machine is put down.

Pour in warm water in the tub, using as much as you would normally for washing a dog. The water temperature can be a little higher than wash for washing dogs, but please do not exceed 50°C.

Add 10-20ml of medical equipment disinfectant, either phthaladehyde or glutaraldehyde disinfectant.

Then, open the Pet Bathing System. You can use the showerhead to rinse the whole tub.

The whole process is recommended to be no less than 5 minutes. After that, you can turn off the machine and drain the dirty water out of the tub.

Turn on the machine again and let the clean water inside and rinse again for 2 minutes.

Repeat this process every time after washing pets with skin disease, and also after finishing each day’s work.

The machine has two filters to protect the interior. The sponge filters hair, it can filter out 90% of the hair from outside. Under that is a layer of 40 mesh filter. The mesh is very narrow, which filters out smaller particulates. The mesh of the showerhead is 0.8mm, which is much larger than the mesh size of the bottom 40 mesh, so any particulates that filtered through will be easily rinsed out. If there are any residues, it can be easily cleaned out by disassembling the shower head.

It is most likely because water got inside the machine. We recommend placing the machine in a dry place for 4-7 days to let it fully dry out before turning the machine back on.

When you use the Pet Bathing System, please ensure that the Foot Operating Pneumatic Switch and Leakage Protection Plug are kept away from water or getting splashed by water.

Model Dog

Dog Shampoos

Why did the hair become a little bit dry after using the shampoo?

Different shampoos have different functions. The OPAWZ Density Shampoo can achieve the effect of making the hair more fluffy and upright after use, making it easier for groomers to cut the hair without the grooming gel/spray. This effect cannot be achieved if we included more conditioner ingredients in the formula.

Why is the hair not standing up?

a). Is the dog a puppy? Puppies’ hair is usually very soft, and it is relatively difficult for the hair to stand up during this period. You may use OPAWZ Grooming Spray to help shape and trim the hair.

b). Did you use conditioner? Conditioner contains oily ingredients that will make the hair more relaxed.

c). Did you clean the hair thoroughly? If the hair is too greasy and dirty, it needs to be washed at least 2 times. When you feel the hair is non-sticky and astringent, it means the hair is clean.

What is the dilution ratio for Density Shampoo?

a). For dirty and greasy hair, please apply directly without diluting and lather well for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with clean water. If the hair is still greasy and oily, please repeat the same process again.

b) For hair not that dirty, you can dilute at a ratio of 1:10 (do not dilute more than this ratio).

What ratio should I dilute the shampoo?

Based on different hair color, there are different ratios:

- For heavily stained areas, please apply directly without dilute and lather well. Do not let the shampoo sit on the pet more than 10 minutes.

- For general care of white-hair, you can dilute at a ratio of 1:5 ~ 1:10 depending on the hair shade and lather well. Do not let the shampoo sit on the pet more than 10 minutes.

Why did some areas become purple after washing?

Please do not use undiluted shampoo or excessive amounts of shampoo if the yellow stains on the hairs are not too dark. Hair with shampoo applied should be rubbed and lathered immediately to prevent the shampoo from setting. Please note that the shampoo should not sit in the hair for too long; 10 minutes is the maximum recommended amount of time for the shampoo to sit. If the shampoo ratio is too big and/or if the shampoo has sat too long, the hair will appear light purple. You can remove the purple in 1-2 washes with regular shampoo in the next baths.

Why do some pet’s hair become a little rough after washing? Does the shampoo damage the hair?

OPAWZ Whitening Shampoo uses purple to replace yellow stains to achieve the brightening effect. The hair scales will be slightly opened during the bathing process, making the hair a little rough to the touch. Use OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner after washing with Whitening Shampoo, it will close the hair scales quickly, and will remove the rough texture of the hair.

Can the Whitening Shampoo be used in regular baths?

Yes, the Whitening Shampoo can be used in consecutive baths diluted at a ratio of 1:5-15 depending on the hair shade. Lather well and do not let the shampoo sit on the pet more than 7 minutes.