OPAWZ Paint Pens are a temporary coloring product that can be applied directly onto the white, light gray and light brown dog hair.

Paint Pen color lasts for around 1 - 2 weeks depending on the amount applied and on hair type. Color can be removed by 1 - 2 shampooing.

Due to the excessive hair protection formula in OPAWZ Paint Pen, the coloring result will not appear to be fully dried; that’s why we don’t recommend it to be used for large area coloring since the color may stain light color fabrics.

Paint Pen can be used for long-haired and short-haired dog coloring with Tattoo Stencil.

Below showed the OPAWZ Paint Pen grooming from creative groomers around the world.

Draw the ideal design pattern directly on the gray and brown short-haired:

Manuel from Mexico is a very talented artist. He uses Paint Pen to illustrate patterns onto the short-haired dog. Below shows steps of his creative grooming process with OPAWZ Paint Pen.

The Paint Pen color also can be applied according to the characteristics of the dog itself.

Border collie can also be lovely and charming with the help of OPAWZ Paint Pen.

For most pet owners, a 1-week last color grooming without any long-term commitment will be most welcome since the color can be changed frequently.

Creative groomer Nicole was obsessed with the coloring grooming on the short-haired dogs by using OPAWZ Paint Pen, which short-haired dog usually seems to be more difficult for creative grooming back in the old days.

White short-haired dogs can bring endless possibilities for creative grooming.

Below are some of the long-haired dogs grooming using OPAWZ Paint Pen, with very simple steps, the dog immediately look glamorous.

The award-winning creative grooming work of Creative Grooming Contest China Groomed by Chen Chen (China), using Paint Pen for coloring.

Below showed two images of coloring effect by using OPAWZ Paint Pen on gray-haired dogs.

Paint pen has 10 colors in total: Orange, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Brown, White, and Black.

Safe and non-toxic. It can be used for dogs, cats, and even small pets such as rabbits.

Paint Pen can be easily applied at home.


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