Strong grease, stubborn dandruff, terrible feline acne, cauda equine syndrome, and superficial bacterial folliculitis...

All these annoying cat skin problems keep bothering owners and groomers.

However, from now on, these problems can be easily solved with OPAWZ C1 Degreasing Cream.

Cat's sebaceous glands mainly distribute at acne, both sides of the spine, and tail area, especially for acne part, extremely active sebaceous glands will secrete much sebum which causes superficial bacterial folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, cauda equine syndrome, and other skin problem without completely deep cleaning care. 

Also, lots of groomers state the coat is hard to blow dry, and the hair may not fluffy after dry it. All these grooming issues are caused by the incompletely cleaning of the grease on cats.

Therefore, no matter from cat's appearance or health part, cleaning care is the main part which can not be ignored. And, getting rid of the grease is the most important thing!

Unlike other cleaning shampoos in the market which could not achieve perfect degreasing result, OPAWZ C1 Degreasing Cream can quickly and effectively dissolve the grease on cat's skin and coat with soft, luxury and totally safe formula with no essential oils in ingredients.

At the meantime, the greasy residue can be washed out by warm water easily as well to achieve the ideal degreasing result.


  1. Use warm water to wet out the coat first before applying the product.
  2. Take an adequate amount of product into hand and evenly applied to the greasy coat with the hair flow direction. Remember do not wear gloves and do not dilute the degreasing cream.
  3. Once the fingers feel unsmooth when rubbing the hair, it means the grease has been dissolved completely, and then the degreasing process has been done and is ready for the next step after rinsing out.

Here are the comparison pictures to show how OPAWZ C1 Degreasing Cream's performance.

Usually, the bathing period for a cat will be 15-20 days. If the cat is super oil with stubborn grease and dandruff on the coat, the decreasing cream could be used frequently unless there is no festering wound.

If there has any festering wound on the skin, only one-time use of the degreasing cream per bath, and the medicine should be used to treat the skin problem. In order not to stimulate the skin, 2-3 times use with one-week interval could completely remove the grease.

It is the time to say goodbye with the terrible annoying grease and stubborn dandruff on cat's coat.

OPAWZ C1 Degreasing Cream easily and effectively help you to achieve perfect cat cleaning result and bring a lovely health cat to you!


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