OPAWZ want to thank all Pet Groomers of 2018 OPAWZ Global Christmas Contest. All members show a big effort using Pet Hair Colors and Creating amazing designs.    

We have to admit that all participants demonstrated impressive technics using Dog Hair Dye, Chalk, Blow Pen colors and in general, all pet paint products. We feel so proud of the improvement we have seen all over the year in groomers.

We are sure that each contest gets hardest for judges to make the decision who is the winner because of the insane works we have seen.

Thanks to all participants again and hope to see all of you in future events and contests.

Here we have the 3 OPAWZ Global Christmas Contest winners selected by our judge, Lori Craig, after selecting the top 10 by the number of likes the picture had on Facebook.

Our Top 10 Designs that facebook likes decided.

*The likes number was collected on Dec 26, 2018.


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