St.Patrick Day is coming soon! Don't enjoy yourself only, let pets celebrate together!

Using OPAWZ Green colors creative products to make some festival designs! Permanent Dye, Semi-Permanent Dye, and Temporary Colors are waiting for you! 

If you don't decide which design you want to do, maybe check the following works! They were done by amazing pet groomers globally with OPAWZ Creative Products. 

Find some inspirations for your design! Don't forget to share with us and post in OPAWZ Facebook Global Group! Join the St.Patrick contest and win the prize!

OPAWZ St.Patrick Day Creative Grooming Contest

Also, from Feb 20 to Mar 6, 2019, we will provide a 25% off for all the Green Color products! Take the time and shop now! 

Now let's enjoy the fantastic jobs from our talented groomers!

Angela Kumpe with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

Bbrynn Haynes with OPAWZ Permanent and Temporary Colors

Diego Gonzalez with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

Erica Harper with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

Summer Shasta Haleakala Wilson with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

Megan Waldrup with OPAWZ Permanent Dye and Lightening Cream

Betty Huang with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

Nata Ole with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

Walker Xu with OPAWZ Temporary Colors

Natalie Edwards with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

Stephanie DeNapoli

Liu Xin with OPAWZ Permanent Dye

We want to thank all the groomers for their incredible design and support as always! 

Happy St.Patrick Day everyone!


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