OPAWZ Bathing System – The Pet Bathing System Designed to Groom Smarter

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System : Take the Stress Out of Bathing!

Good for Pets. Good for Business

With the revolutionary OPAWZ recirculating bathing system for dog bathing you can be sure you’ll have a cleaner and much happier pet faster than ever before. This amazing grooming product, that will cut dog bathing time in half, save water and shampoo consumption and get the pet's coat cleaner than your 10 fingers ever can. The results will blow your mind!
Imagine all of your dogs are calm and relaxed in the tub and on the table ready for you to do creative grooming!

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Think Outside The Square And Be Creative With OPAWZ Pet Coloring

Let’s think outside the square, there is always an idea out there that a service or product can make your pet grooming business better. Here we are going to suggest some ideas that in the quieter seasons or for income lift from OPAWZ.

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Topknots To Top Hats

Hats are fun. We all have plopped one on our heads from time to time. Wouldn’t it be fun to fashion a hat on your dog or on a client’s dog for special occasions? 

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Funky, el Champú de Color de OPAWZ- Una nueva forma de hacer que tu perro se sienta diferente!

Dale Color a tu mascota mientras toma un baño,¡ya no hay dificultad en teñir!

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OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo - A New Way to Make Pets Looks Different!

Coloring when washing, no difficulty in dyeing anymore! 

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Asian Fusion Grooming: The Latest Canine Hairstyle Sensation

Just when you thought your dog couldn’t get any cuter, along came the latest, and by far most adorable, trend in dog grooming: Asian Fusion dog grooming.

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Fabulous Design of Feb 2019 by Using OPAWZ Creative Grooming Products!

Do you lack new ideas about creative grooming?

Now it's time to see some fantastic designs by talented groomers with OPAWZ Creative Grooming products!

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Productos y Suministros para Creative Grooming

Creative Grooming, La técnica moderna usada por los estilistas para que las mascotas se destaquen del resto.

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Practica tus habilidades de Groomer con los Maniquíes de Perro y Pelucas de OPAWZ!

Si eres nuevo en la industria de Groomers para mascotas, vas a necesitar practicar con diferentes razas y pelajes. Sin embargo, va a ser muy difícil poder hacerlo con las mascotas de los clientes. Por lo tanto, la mejor opción en el mercado, son los Maniquíes de Perro y las Pelucas para ayudar en tu desarrollo profesional.

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