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For dogs, cats, and other pets that can be bathed

OPAWZ Pet Hair Chalk does not compromise the coat in any way, safe for dogs and cats!

Adhere well on pet’s hair with bright and vibrant colors. Works well both on the dark light color coats.

We recommend applying OPAWZ Grooming Spray before using pet hair chalk to achieve a longer lasting color.

Contains six colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


• Apply directly to the pet’s coat.

• Repeated applications creates a fuller and catchier result.


• Some hairs are more absorbent and therefore the color can last longer. 

• Use OPAWZ Grooming Spray to help the color last longer.

• Avoid using around eyes and mouth.

• If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a veterinarian.

How long does the chalk last?

It depends on the area you apply on. Normally, it can take 1 to 3 washes. However, it will only stay on for a few hours if you apply on areas where the chalk can be easily rubbed off.

How can I make the chalks last longer?

The Chalks will last longer for bright colors. Before and after using chalk, use OPAWZ Grooming Spray or hair spray on the area which you want to apply. It can help the color last longer.Footnote: Don’t let chalk touch water or get rained on. Don’t apply color to areas where the dog can lick or scratch it off.

Can the Pet Hair Chalk be used for cats?

Pet Hair Chalk is safe for cats. However, we don’t recommend applying on areas where the cat can lick.

Can the Pet Hair Chalk can be used on black fur directly?

Yes, chalks have great coverage ability. It can be used on all hair colors, including black, brown, grey, white and so on. OPAWZ Glitter Gel has the same coverage ability like chalks.

Does the Pet Hair Chalk stain furniture and clothes?

Yes, most of temporary will stain on furniture and clothes, include chalks. However, OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo does not stain. Paint Pen, Color Paste, Blow Pen stain slightly.

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Las tiza de OPAWZ no compromete el pelaje de ninguna manera, es seguro para perros y gatos.

Se adhiere bien al pelo de las mascotas con colores brillantes e intensos. Funciona bien tanto en las capas de color claro como oscuro.

Se recomienda aplicar OPAWZ Grooming Spray antes de usar la tiza para lograr un color más duradero.

Disponible en 12 colores: rosa, verde, morado, naranja, azul, negro, blanco, marrón, amarillo, rojo, gris y turquesa.


• Aplicar directamente sobre el pelaje de la mascota.
• Repetir las aplicaciones crean un resultado más completo y atractivo.


• Algunos pelos son más absorbentes y por lo tanto el color puede durar más.
• Use OPAWZ Grooming Spray para ayudar a que el color dure más.


• Evitar usar la tiza alrededor de los ojos y la boca.
• Si ocurre una reacción alérgica, suspender el uso inmediatamente y consultar con un veterinario.

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