OPAWZ Shampoo Foaming Shower (PB07)

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Time to disrupt from traditional pet cleaning! OPAWZ Shampoo Foaming Shower has arrived!

Specially designed for pets' showers. Turning shampoo baths into bubble baths, make bathing a dog easier!

  • Powerful shower head has excellent performance at high water pressure.
  • The foamy water rinses thoroughly into the pet's coat. Reducing rubbing and doubly clean.
  • Italian imported pipe and all accessories are made with new thickened materials, durable to use.
  • Equipped with three types of connectors, which can be attached to the water pipe used in pet salons. 


  • One Showerhead 
  • One Shampoo foaming machine 
  • One PVC ductile pipe 
  • Three types of connectors


    1. Unscrew and remove the original showerhead from the pipe used in pet salon.
    2. Screw the new connectors of the OPAWZ Shampoo Foaming Shower to the shower nozzle. Tighten it with pliers. 
    3. Plug the nipple connector and the quick connector of the Shampoo Foaming Shower. 
    4. Add a considerable amount of shampoo to the shampoo container, do not add water.
    5. Screw the shampoo container directly back to the nozzle. 
    6. Adjust the flow of shampoo with the switch on top. If it sets to maximum, the shampoo will be used up in around 2 minutes.
    7. Turn on the water faucet. The water will fill the container instantly, and the water spraying out becomes foamy water right away. 
    8. The water will continue to foam until the shampoo is all used up. Use the switch on top of the foaming machine to control the duration of the foaming. The more foam that comes out, the faster the shampoo will be used up. 
    9. You can add shampoo to continue rinsing or use clear water to rinse and blow-dry to finish up. 


      • The shampoo amount can not exceed half of the shampoo container.