OPAWZ C2-Bouncy Shampoo for Short Haired Cat - 750ml

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Volume: 26.3 Fl.oz. 750 mL

Especially for the characteristics of the short-haired cat.

OPAWZ C2 Bouncy Shampoo is designed as a daily use washing shampoo, specially developed with professional, safe, and luxury formula to adding nutrient components into hair: hydrolyzed plant protein, Laucal Bio-chem LUJ-11(natural acid surfactants) and etc., which exerts short-haired cats’ hair characteristics into the best status.

  • No Essential Oils in ingredients.
  • Effectively enhances the flexibility of hair with no static status after the blow-dry.
  • Leave the hair shiny and soft result with non-strong long-last pleasant.

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