Especially for Asain Fusion Grooming.

Specially designed for grooming schools teaching and displaying, as well as for students practicing.

Combine use with OPAWZ Teddybear Dog Whole Body (pic 5&6), Head (pic 7&8), Back Wig (pic 9) and Dyabel Wool Pads, especially good for trimming practice.


  • Bigger eyes and nose, shorter muzzle than Toy Poodle Model Dog
  • Moveable tail and legs
  • The stable and firm material used-plastics
  • The reusable model dog which fits all different styles of Toy Poodle - Teddybear wigs and Wool Pad

*This product is only the model dog, dog wig is exclusive.

Model Dog Installation and Disassembly

Demonstration Video for Model Dog - How to Assemble the wig it!

    Product Code: MD03