LPP & PPT Ultimate Coat Treatment Value Pack (VP15)

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The ultimate coat treatment for dry/damaged coat!

Proper grooming will help to keep the coat nice and healthy. However, as with any other dog breed, there are other conditions that could affect the coat. LPP & PPT adds deep moisture and shine to even the worst coats irrespective of what state they are in.

Specially formulated for the damaged or over-processed coat, it contains abundant amino acids which actively penetrate the hair shaft and root. This treatment seals in moisture and nutrients to keep the hair healthy, soft and naturally bouncy.
It’s the ultimate rescue to extremely dry and damaged coat.

Ideal for the dry/damaged coat, giving it the boost it needs to restore back to a healthy, glossy coat. 

Can be used to show dogs or in grooming salons for dogs with badly damaged coats.

Mixing guide


  • 10 parts LPP
  • 1 part PPT
  • 11 parts lukewarm water

Mix and stir the LPP and PPT until it is even, then mix in the water and stir until even.

The amount required varies depending on dog breed and hair length. For example, for a toy poodle with 3-5cm of hair, the mix ratio would be 50mL LPP - 5mL PPT - 55mL water.


For the best results, we recommend application after washing while the coat is towel dry and still damp, leave in for 20 minutes to let it get deep into the roots and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for the finished result. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.