The OPAWZ Creative Grooming Range

We take great pride in our range of safe and carefully designed creative grooming products. Our aim has always been to cater to pet owners as well as professional groomers. Should you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to reach out to us prior to purchase.

Color Paste

OPAWZ Color Paste is a non-toxic temporary color that is great for highlights, detailed design work and is the perfect way to experiment with funky strands before the commitment of a permanent dye job. Works best on light coats.

Permanent Hair Dye

The bright, fashionable and unique colors work best for long lasting pet grooming. Let your pets stand out from the rest! Non-toxic and gentle on pet's coat! All the colors can be mixed with each other according to your own preference.

Semi-Permanent Dye

Ideal for groomers looking to spruce up their pet's style without the long-term commitment of a permanent dye, OPAWZ semi-permanent dye gradually washes away through around 8 washes.

Glitter Gel

OPAWZ pet glitter will give any dog's coat a glamorous presence whatever the occasion! Looks great on dark and light color coats and can be applied directly by hand or with a brush.

Glitter Powder

OPAWZ ultra-fine, lightweight glitters powder for creative grooming, offer the maximum reflection of light to literally radiate any area they are applied.

Pet Hair Chalk

OPAWZ Pet Hair Chalk does not compromise the coat in any way, safe for dogs and even cats! Works well on both light or darker coats.


Excellent for creative grooming that requires detail spraying or quick color changes. OPAWZ temporary airbush colors are safe and won't cause any damage to pets. The colors are bright, easy to dry, and easily clean with a one-time water rinse.

Pet Paint Pens

OPAWZ pet paint pens are perfect for new groomers or casual pet owners looking to apply a bit of color on the odd ocassion. They work great on both long or short hair pets and will not stain clothes or furniture. Remove with just one shampooing. Safe and non-toxic.

Blow Pens

OPAWZ blow pens are a new way to give your pet a temporary creative style. Simply aim and blow to spray. For great results, use in combination with OPAWZ tattoo stencil.