Volume: 1 Gal. (3.78L)

Powerful absorption property purifies pet skin and coat!

OPAWZ Bamboo Charcoal Purifying Pet Shampoo has up to 5 times more absorption capacity compared to ordinary bamboo charcoal pet shampoo. Its microparticles’ powerful absorption property purifies stubborn oils deep within the hair follicle and suitable for sensitive pets. The natural plant formula is mild, non-irritating and silicone oil-free. It effectively prevents skin problems such as dermatitis and dander caused by silicone oil deposition. The formula is easy to rinse and dry, saving ¼ of the time than general shampoo.

  • Contains activated bamboo carbon that helps control allergens, bacteria and viruses to promote a healthy growing environment for skin and coat
  • Antibacterial properties sooth and heal skin irritation, calm rashes and itchiness, leave your pet feeling relaxed and refreshed after bath
  • Prevents hair damage caused by pollution, repairs and protects coat and skin
  • Eliminates odors effectively
  • Helps to detangle hair, conditioning coat and skin


  • Prepare shampoo by diluting it 5:1 with water. Mix thoroughly.
  • Wet pet's coat completely with warm water.
  • Dispense shampoo into palm of hand and thoroughly massage into pet's coat beginning at head and working back towards the tail. Let it remain for up to 5 minutes. Avoid getting into nose, mouth, ears, and eyes.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Blow dry and gently brush coat.
Product Code: PS03-L