Volume: 1.27 Gal. (4.8 L)

Professional Dog Routine Care Shampoo, suitable for all dog breeds.


Using biodegradable materials, it can penetrate into the scales and hair follicles, effectively clean the dirt and oil from the inside to the outside, removes stains and odors, and makes the hair naturally shiny. Enriched with a variety of nutrients, it can make hair fluffy and light after washing, which is convenient for groomers to trimming.

This pet shampoo doesn’t contain silicone oil. It will not cause hair to become rough, also can effectively reduce the itching of the skin for long-term use. It is safe for the skin of pets and groomers, can be used as a daily care shampoo.


Mix with warm water at a ratio at 1:5.

  1. Thoroughly wet the hair with warm water.
  2. Apply a proper amount of diluted shampoo to the hair, rub it from the head to the tail, and then gently massage with your fingertips to deeply cleanse the hair and skin for at least 5 minutes. Be careful not to let shampoo come into contact with pet's nose, mouth, ears, and eyes.
  3. Finally, thoroughly wash with clean water. If the pet's hair is dirty, it can be washed repeatedly.
  4. Use the OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner to keep the pet's hair long-lasting shiny and non-greasy.
    Product Code: PS16